To stay in the now you have to love yourself, part 5

Presence is a kind of prayer state. The more present you are the more pure your experience of simple being.

That’s what presence is: simple being with focused consciousness.

You simply are. And you know it.

Presence is not spooky or ghostly. There’s no buzz or euphoria. It’s nothing unusual.

The fuller it is the more normal it seems. It’s just you getting up in the morning.

But really doing it.

It’s ordinary on steroids.

Really, really ordinary.

So ordinary it’s mind blowing.

It’s you and the world as they really are.

Full tilt awareness of that which is.

…falling into place on the continuum of being.


Your place in things

Real presence is you falling into place on the continuum of being. That continuum begins in God, flows into this world as you, and culminates outwardly in your thoughts, words and deeds.

It’s a gradation on which shades of difference are perceived, but really it’s all one.

You can be aware of this continuum all along the way, including at the God part. And you have an unrepeatable place in it. Your participation is desired, crucial, effective.

But access to it is only available in the present, and only perceivable with self love.

Because that’s what self love is: the love of God activated in you. From there, loving others is a matter of pointing that self love at the world.

This love of God is there with or without you, churning and chugging along, holding everything in being.

Everything. Matter, spirit, ideas. You, me, everyone.

All of it.

The now is that churning and chugging. The now is the love of God being there with or without you.

Obviously, the “with you” option is preferable.

Full experience of the now is how that happens.


…celebrate the beauty, heal the pain…


Fill the now with yourself

The more present you are in the now, the more of your full self is available. Since full experience of the now hangs on self love, it follows that the more self love you bring into the present moment, the more you manifest your full self.

The more you fill the here and now with your uniqueness.

Creativity, deliberate action, compassion for yourself and others.

Your particular version of those things.

And the less room there is for judgement, fear, doubt, rejection, and the attitudes and orientations that drive us in the direction of absence.

By way of distraction.

Basically you fill up the now with yourself.

With what is really you.

To celebrate the beauty, heal the pain, mature the young parts.

You crowd out all the acquired fear, anger, jealousy, prejudice.

This crowding out is a painful process during which you must experience all those things. Forgive them in yourself and others.

Let them go.


…we will balance out, over time, into wholeness.


We decide how God shows up

If you really allow yourself to be what you are, good, bad, ugly, you will be purified into awareness of God in all of it.

God as all of it.

God manifests according to the balance between distraction and presence.

Through the practice of presence, you will see that “badness” is simply God manifesting in a destructive way because of our limitations.

And the obstacles to the love of God posed by those limitations.

War is a form of God that we have chosen.

God does not choose to manifest as war. We choose it.

God does not choose to manifest as starvation. We choose it.

Or enough of us do. Or the right people do.

But these things are God, allowing the imbalances of our approach to determine his shape.

In the same way, peace is God. Love is God. Harmony is God. Creativity is God.

If we so choose.

But if we continually relax into the now, allow our real selves to show — painful and embarrassing as that might be — we will balance out, over time, into wholeness.

And the stuff we think of as bad will recede into proper proportion, to the point where it no longer blocks our view.

We learn that there is nothing to fear in loving others.

And we will stop choosing the terrible form of God.


To be ruled by love.


No middle ground

In the now, you are required to either love or not love. And you discover that there is no in between. No middle ground.

The imbalance we see around us is the result of excessive absence. We have built a world out of the distractions that arise from fear.

There is only action arising from distraction. Or there is action arising from presence.

There is only presence or absence.

Presence born of self love.

Or absence born of distraction.

The goal is to be ruled in thought word and deed by the promptings of your own inner beauty.

To be ruled by love.

Which is always available right now.

And which is only available right now.


…responsiveness to the energy of your surroundings.


Manifestation happens

If you develop the reflex of returning to the now, authentic experience of your circumstances and emotions will follow.

As will the ability to call upon the full energy of your life to assist you in living it.

That’s what fullness is: the constantly increasing ability to experience everything that is with everything that you are.

It is a state of mind that tends towards sensitivity and responsiveness to the energy of your surroundings.

Of your relationships.

Your struggles.

By cultivating the now, staying present to your outer circumstances and your inner condition, you will open the necessary channels for free exchange between the outer world and your full self.

That’s called manifesting. And it’s necessary for fullness of life.

Cultivate the now and it will happen.


Love will flow through you…


Unimpeded flow

There is no greater act of love for yourself than to allow this process to unfold.

And when you love yourself, love for the world follows naturally.

Each time you enter the now, you walk in on the workings of the cosmos. The shimmering musical gears of existence.

The hum of the universe.

Creation just being itself.

And you take your place in the grandeur.

After repeated dives you start to feel at home. No longer out of place.

You get comfortable in the now.

And therefore in all situations. All circumstances. In the presence of no-matter-who.

Because when you manifest your full self you cannot be shaken. The granite foundation of the now, of actuality, of what really is, becomes your footing.

And part of what really is is your own power, beauty and magnificence.

You will carry this steadiness with you into your life. Your relationships. Your solitude. Your creativity.

Love will flow through you, unimpeded, by the tangles of fear, doubt, self hate, hesitation and the other mechanisms of escape.

That is what the now is: experience purified of all impediments.

Witnessing your life as it happens.

And being in on it.


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